The importance and benefits of chlorine for the body

Chlorine is essential in balancing the acid-base of the blood, in the formation of bones, teeth and tendons. This mineral works only in combination with sodium and potassium. It helps eliminate organic waste. It has depurative action, contributing to the smooth functioning of the liver. No fixed daily doses required (approx. 2-3 g of chlorine procured from 3-5 g of salt), but if your menu contains an average amount of salt, then you do not need supplements.

natural sources of chlorine salt

It has a good influence on digestion, helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol. It also helps maintain supple body. It is indicated in the treatment of physical fatigue and anorexia.

The main role of chlorine is to form hydrochloric acid in the stomach. In the absence of it, digestion takes place with great difficulty. The activity of this element in the process of digestion begins in the mouth yet, entering in the composition of saliva, which stimulates the secretion of the enzyme ptyalin, participating in starch degradation.

The optimal amounts stimulates antitoxic function of the liver, lowers blood sugar and uric acid levels in the blood and has a disinfectant action.

Natural Sources of Chlorine

The most important sources are ocean fish and other seafood, egg whites, nuts, milk and dairy, olives, soybeans, homemade bread, green vegetables (carrots, parsley, celery, kale, lettuce green, eggplant, beans) and mushrooms. Natural salt has about 60% chlorine.
Fruits are low in this element, with a few exceptions (gooseberries, bananas, melons, cherries).

natural sources of chlorine salt

You should know that if the body has too much chlorine, it simply removes it like any other liquid. If your diet is rich in salt, chlorine loss may be bigger during urination. If you’re in the early stages of rickets, pneumonia, cirrhosis of the liver, then the body does not absorb an adequate amount of chlorine.

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