Is sushi healthy?

I am a sushi fanatic. I try to eat it as often as twice a week. Am I fooling myself in thinking this is a healthful indulgence? A friend told me, in a rather pedantic tone, “tuna is a very fatty fish.” Also, do you have any suggestions on how to make a complete, nutritious and balanced meal out of sushi items?

Sushi is a fantastic way to eat fish twice a week. That is the recommended frequency for diversity in your meals and for lowering your risk for heart disease, cancer and other illnesses. Fish meals are low in saturated fat and a great substitute for main course meat. Sushi is a good choice, rather than deep fried fish. Of course, sushi uses raw fish with steamed rice and other condiments. I find it difficult to recommend raw fish. If you crave sushi, be sure to get it from a trusted source. All raw fish should be frozen solid before using it raw for sushi, to guarantee the food safety.

Tell your haughty friend to “go fish.” Yes, tuna can be a high fat fish, especially Bluefin Tuna. But fish oil is just the reason you want to dine on seafood twice weekly. Fish oil is your best source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Study after study demonstrates the heart-healing benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. The list of benefits from Omega-3’s go on and on: arthritis relief, relief from psoriasis, prevent tumor growth, lower blood pressure, lower depression risk. That should take the wind out of your friend’s sails.

Some sushi fanatics can consume continual servings, as fast as the sushi chef can turn them out. All the ingredients of a balanced meal can be found on a sushi menu: Fish, vegetables, and cooked rice. The fish occurs in garnish amounts on each portion, but it’s easy to over-do the protein by ordering more and more sushi. The vegetables are usually pickled, which can raise the sodium. The amount of rice is perfect. Just the right complex carbohydrate portion. If anything, I would serve lightly steamed cut vegetables, as a warm contrast to the cool sushi. The combination is a completely delightful meal to me.

Many progressive supermarkets now have added a sushi counter, with freshly hand-made sushi. Find one in your neighborhood, if you don’t have a Japanese restaurant. And, if you find yourself passing through Tokyo’s Narita Airport on your way to a Bali vacation, avoid lingering too long at the wonderful sushi restaurant in the terminal. It’s tough to reschedule a flight, if you miss yours. And, you don’t want to miss one minute in Bali – it’s a once in a lifetime experience!

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