Lean Poultry Chart

For the healthy cook, poultry is the perfect meat: low in cost, cholesterol and saturated fat and high in protein. Of course, some cuts and types of poultry are considerably lower in fat than others. This chart will help you know exactly what you’re getting. Figures are for 3 ounces of cooked lean meat (no bone or fat).

PoultryCaloriesFat (g.)Calories from fat
Cholesterol (mg.)
Chicken breast, broiler-fryer1423.11973
Chicken drumsticks, broiler-fryer15153082
Chicken wings, broiler-fryer1716.83671
Chicken leg, broiler-fryer18184089
Turkey, white meat1332.71859
Turkey, dark meat1596.13572
Duck, breast132214153
Duck, leg163527117

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