Tips for creating satisfying, low-fat breakfasts

Q: Can you give suggestions for savory low-fat breakfasts?

A: The best success story I have for cutting fat from a hearty breakfast is turkey bacon. I grew up with high-fat pork bacon playing a starring role in most of my family’s breakfasts. It is tough to kick the habit of chompin’ down five or six crispy slices of bacon after the cooking aroma has been tantalizing you. But if you substitute turkey bacon you will take a huge step in reducing the fat at breakfast time.

Of course, use low-fat spreads to “butter” your whole grain toast. When you reach for the dairy case to pick your coffee whitener, by-pass the half-and-half and grab the one-percent milk. It’s got the whitening power of whole milk, but with much less fat. In my opinion, skim milk just doesn’t make it in coffee.

If you want a sweet treat, try a slice of fat-free pound cake topped with a ton of fresh berries, sliced bananas, sliced peaches (or frozen berries and peaches if they’re not in season). Put it in a bowl and pour low-fat milk over the top.

Finally, give egg substitutes a shot. They really cook up easily in non-stick pans with some butter-flavored non-stick spray. Don’t forget to spoon on shredded low-fat cheese for a satisfying cheese omelet. Enjoy!

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