Low-fat Pizza and Pizza Crust

Pizza lovers: No need to give up pizza on your diet. Pile on veggies, go light on cheese — and find a ready-to-go crust that’s low-cal.

To help you, we rounded up full-size crusts and figured out the calories in 1/4 of a pie shell, whereas the labels give calories per 2 oz serving — anywhere from one little sliver to several slices. For small crusts, we compared calories in an entire pie shell.

Dieter’s Guide to Pizza Crusts

Full-size crusts:

  • Pillsbury Pizza Crust (refrigerated) — (71.5 g), Cal 188, Fat 2.5 g in 1/4 pie
  • Boboli Thin Pizza Crust — (71.5 g), Cal 200, Fat 5 g in 1/4 pie
  • Olivieri Italian Pizza Shell — (114 g), Cal 300, Fat 4 g in 1/4 pie
  • Boboli Original Pizza Crust — (114 g), Cal 300, Fat 6 g in 1/4 pie
Small crusts (whole pie) Calories Fat grams
Thomas Sahara 100% Whole Wheat Pita Bread (57 g) 130 1
Cedar’s Stone Ground Whole Wheat Mountain Bread (tortilla style) (65 g) 180 1.5
Kontos Pizza Parlor Crust (pita style) (79 g) 250 3
Boboli Original Pizza Crust (individual size) (114 g) 300 6
French Meadow Sourdough Pizza Crust (168 g) 488 8

My Favorite Pizza

On top of a pizza shell (For this recipe, I use Boboli Thin Crust.), spread 3/4 c low-sodium pasta sauce; 1 c chopped, cooked frozen spinach (in spoonfuls); 1 c frozen corn kernels; and 1/2 c shredded, reduced-fat sharp Cheddar cheese. Bake at 425¡F for 10 min. Serves 4. Per 1/4 pie: 312 cal, 8.1 g fat (23% of cal), 560 mg sodium.

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