Macaroni and cheese recipe

What type of grated cheese do you have to sprinkle on macaroni? Parmesan, of course. The Parmesan cheese that now has its unquestionable primacy, called “grain” because of its brittleness, as the brothers from Piacenza, Lodi and even parmesan cheese.

That does not mean, however, that for some pasta dishes with intense flavors of southern and central Italy can and should also use the grated cheese, maybe mixed in equal parts with parmesan cheese if you want to taste less intense, while for some soups you can and must use seasoned cheese type Vezzena, carnia, cleats, and maybe bagoss aged cheeses. In some delicate dishes, like noodles you can also use the Emmental and Gruyere, cutting them with the appesila grating. Excellent cheese mixtures of these with the grain. The classic definition of Italian ‘cheese on macaroni “says very clearly that the cheese you put on pasta, and also on soups and stews at the last moment on the table, removing it from the cheese.

What is the ratio of the Parmesan cheese and pasta? A rule does not exist. A good rule is that 10 g of cheese per 100 g of pasta, which greatly increases the caloric value.

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