Muscular Strength And Endurance Exercises

It is important with muscular strength work to breathe correctly. Always exhale as you squeeze the muscle (on the effort). The helps regulate blood pressure and is an essential technique to master in the early stages of training.

Muscular strength and endurance exercises plank position

Some of the exercises require added resistance. You can use hand weights, dumbells, food tins or resistance bands. Improvise but remember safety and technique.

Okay, so you’ve completed the aerobic section and now your muscles are warm and ready for work! The six exercises to follow, target all the major muscle groups in the body to get muscular strength.

  • Half Press Ups (8 – 20 repetitions)
  • Bent Over Row (12 – 20 repetitions)
  • Lateral Raise (12 – 20 repetitions)
  • Mini Squat (8 – 20 repetitions)

Perform each of these exercises in succession, trying not to pause between each one. Use enough weight to allow you to perform the required repetitions with good form – your muscles should feel tired at the end of each exercise. On completion of all four, rest for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this once or twice more.

Now it’s time for some floorwork for develop your muscular strength.

  • Crunches (2 Sets of 8 – 20 repetitions)
  • Dorsal Raises (2 Sets of 8 – 20 repetitions)

On completion of one set of crunches, pause for 30 seconds then perform another set. Do this for the dorsal raises.

Excellent! A full body workout in no time at all. Well done. Now cool down for 5 minutes with some easy aerobic activity and then stretch.

Floorwork Muscular Strength  Exercises

1. Crunches

Muscular Strength Worked: Rectus Abdominus (stomach/abs)

  1. Lying on back, knees bent, feet flat on floor
  2. Cross arms over chest position1
  3. Squeeze stomach, lift chest up and breathe out position2
  4. Keep a gap between chin and chest
  5. Keep lower back in contact with floor
  6. Slowly return to start and repeat

2. Dorsal Raises

Muscular Strength Worked: Erector Spinae (lower back)

  1. Lie face down into floor dorsal1
  2.  Place hands on bum
  3. Keep feet in contact with floor, lift chest up and breathe out
  4. Keep head facing down to floor dorsal2
  5. Remember small range of motion
  6. Slowly return to start and repeat

Muscular Strength And Endurance Exercises

1. Half Press Ups

Muscular Strength Worked: Pectorals (chest) – Triceps (back of upper arm)

  1. Keep hands just wider than shoulders exercise4
  2. Back flat at all times
  3. Bend the elbows, bringing the chest slowly down to the floor and breathe in
  4. Straighten arms, pushing body up and breathe out
  5. Repeat for required repetitions under control

2. Bent Over Row

Muscular Strength Worked: Lats (upper back) Biceps (front upper arm)

  1. Keep back flat and shoulders level exercise3
  2. Hold onto something for support
  3. Let arm with weight hand down to side
  4. Squeeze arm upwards keeping elbow close to side of body and breathe out
  5. Slowly return to start and repeat for required repetitions
  6. Change arms

3. Lateral Raise

Muscular Strength worked: Lateral Deltoids (side of shoulders)

  1. Standing, feet hip width apart, knees bent and back straight exercise2
  2. Let arms hand by side with slight bend in elbows
  3. Hold weight in each hand
  4. Lift arms out to side until hands are level with shoulders
  5. Keep back straight and breathe out
  6. Slowly return to start and repeat for required repetitions

4. Mini Squat

Muscular Strength Worked: Quadriceps (front thight) Hamstrings (rear thigh) Gluteals (bum)

  1. Standing, back straight exercise1
  2. Slowly lower bum towards floor, keeping knees over ankles – imagine that you are sitting down onto a chair
  3. Only lower until thighs are parallel with floor
  4. Keep heels pressed to floor
  5. Push back up and breathe out
  6. Repeat for required repetitions but take care with technique
  7. To increase intensity, hold weight in hands

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