Provolone and Caciocavallo Cheese

provolone and caciocavallo cheeseProduction area: many parts of Campania, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily.

provolone and caciocavallo cheese

Made with cow’s milk may be supplemented by the addition of sheep’s milk. It can be eaten fresh, but is great if seasoned in order to achieve a “pinch” of spiciness.

The cylindrical Provolone weigh from 5 to 6 kg with a height of 40 to 45 cm or larger with relative weight.

The Provolone Ragusa has the characteristic shape of a prism with a square as a base.

Caciocavallo cheese weights about 2 kg and 1 / 2 with characteristic shape of pear. The cheese, does not differ minimally from provolone, only in different ways, is smaller. The type of cutting to mature for two or three months, after a year becomes grating. The name “caciocavallo” comes from the fact that the forms are usually associated with two to two and kept to the “horse” of a pole, where it is hung for smoking.

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