The fat importance

The fat is the adipose subcutaneous tissue of certain animals, particularly pork. It is called fat the tissue underneath the skin of the back. It is more consistent, compact and softer under the rind to the flesh. This part is sometimes cut into pieces and dissolved, then turned in the best quality lard.

The fat is stored for salting. It serves as a seasoning, crushed and beaten, reduced cream to fried with a little oil, with onion and garlic, suitable for the preparation of vegetables and vegetable stews. Cut into cubes and browned until it became blond and then off with vinegar, the bacon can dress salads consistent with salt and pepper: chicory, radicchio, blanched cabbage, boiled potatoes and cut into chunks, beans hot.

Served, cut into thin strips, in lard lean meat stew or roast, or covered with thick slices, but rather thin. Cut into slices, it spits in the stabs, between a piece of meat and the another, separated by a leaf of sage. Thin slices of blanched bacon used to line the bowls that collect sensitive farce, and farce is poured over these lard lightly salted to preserve them better.

“A slice of bacon on the bread” was once considered a good bread.”

In certain regions is prepared the fat  mixed with vegetal aromas, garlic, rosemary, basil, parsley, sage, thyme, marjoram and salt. It’s ready for the fried dishes, but it is also excellent for making sandwiches and toast, mixed with an equal quantity of grated parmesan cheese or slivers of other spreadable cheeses.


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