The honey suitable for the food of children

Honey is a foodstuff with a very rich aroma that varies depending on the flowers from which the bees extract the nectar. So we will have scented acacia honey, the orange blossom, lavender, the linden, and many others, like the bitter taste of chestnuts, sage, rosemary.


The honey calorific value is about 320 calories per 100 g. Analyzing it, you’ll see that it is composed of carbohydrates to 79% (mixture of glucose, fructose, and sucrose in small part), 19% water and 1’1.33% nitrogenous material. It has slightly laxative and emollient properties and is suitable to sweeten some sort of herbal treatments.

Honey is especially suitable for the food of children and elder persons because of its completely natural origin. A special honey, and regenerative of high energy density is the so called “royal jelly”, that particular type of honey that bees produce to enter it in the larger cells, which laid the egg that will generate the queen bee. This will rule precisely because it is nourished with this superfood. Royal jelly is more expensive than honey, so it is generally intended more to medicine than food. Honey may be smooth and clear, or too grainy and dull. In that case, just put the jar in a bowl and melt it slowly in a water bath. You must not put the honey in the fridge.


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