Tomatoes Cut Heart Attack Risk in Half

Tomatoes are red-hot! First came studies showing that people who ate the most tomato products had less prostate and colon cancer. Now for the first time, we’re hearing that tomatoes prevent heart attacks. In Europe, men with the highest tissue levels of lycopene — the compound in tomatoes that may turn out to be the good guy — were only half as likely to suffer heart attacks as men with the lowest levels (American Journal of Epidemiology, October 1997). Tomatoes Cut Heart Attack Risk in Half 2

Tomatoes Cut Heart Attack Risk in Half 1

For more lycopene in your life, eat lots of the following foods:

1/2 c tomato sauce 22
3/4 c tomato juice 20
2 Tbsp tomato paste 18
3/4 c vegetable juice cocktail 18
1/4 c tomato puree 10
1/2 c chopped raw tomato 8
1 c red watermelon chunks 7
2 Tbsp ketchup 5
1 guava 5
1/2 pink grapefruit 4

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