ZINC – antioxidant that protects the liver

Zinc is used by the body to maintain proper healing, growth and health of tissue, promotes the health of the immune system and regulates the production from oil glands in the skin. It is an antioxidant that protects the liver from chemical damage and prevents the formation of and destroys free radicals. It is essential for a healthy prostate gland, the growth of the reproductive organs and for the acuity of the senses of taste and smell.)

natural sources of zinc

Natural Sources

Alfalfa, kelp, whole grains, parsley, brewers and torula yeast, hops, mushrooms, chamomile, legumes, pecans, cayenne, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, wild yam, sunflower seeds, rose hip and sage.

natural sources of zinc

50 mg

Zinc Deficiency Symptoms

White spots on the fingernails, reduced acuity of the sense of taste and smell, acne, hair loss, impotence, infertility, prostate problems, increased susceptibility to colds and the flu and the slow healing of wounds.

A zinc deficiency can be a consequence of inadequate dietary intake, an increase in requirements (growth, pregnancy), of various pathological conditions (alcoholism, diabetes, infection) or a hereditary disorder of zinc metabolism (acrodermatitis enteropathy). deficiency symptoms varies according to its severity: growth retardation, skin and mucosal alterations (seborrheic dermatitis, inflammation of the corners of the lips, an eczema-like rash or psoriasis), hair loss, loss of sense of taste, appetite reduction, healing problems, disorders of immunity and of sexual maturation (gonadal atrophy).

Overdose Symptoms

* Iron and zinc supplements taken together cause the disruption of each other’s activity.

* Do not take more than a total of 100 mg daily (from all sources) of Zn as it can depress the immune system.

* Kidney disease, diarrhea, cirrhosis of the liver, fiber or hard water intake and diabetes may lower levels of Zn.

* The intake of grains and legumes with zinc supplements interfere with the absorption of the zinc.

* When supplementing with zinc a ration of 1:10 of copper to zinc should be observed.

Therapeutic use

Zn is used, oral and injected for proper prevention and treatment of different deficiencies, in the treatment of acne and locally as an antiseptic. He also enters in the composition of drugs (insulin, for example).

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