Buckwheat used for the feeding of pheasants

It was used, before the advent of maize, but also after, to manufacture the polenta gray Manzoni. It is still grown in some mountainous areas of northern Italy and in other countries. It has nothing to do with the corn, being a completely different family (poligonacea) flowers, each containing a single seed, are presented in bunches. It is native from central Asia and the Saracens were just to spread it. The plant requires little care and is rapidly maturing. The flowers are fertilized by the pollination of bees that will greatly benefit from a delicate nectar.

The grains of buckwheat are used particularly for the feeding of pheasants. The flour made ​​from it is usually mixed with wheat flour or corn to manufacture cakes, polenta and other typical dishes, such as canederli dumplings (along with soaked bread), “polenta smalzada”, polenta “taragna” and the polenta “smacafam” (that kills hunger). Typically mix four parts of buckwheat flour with one part of the other flour selected.

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